Jarne Thorrez

Group picture

Lost in Time

A group project together with Nena Penel, Naomi van den Heuvel, Jerom Verschoote & Ritchie Donkers

Concept, Illustration, webdesign, animation, video editting


This was an international group project together with 2 students of University of Rotterdam and 3 students of Devine. For a museum that’s going to close for 3 years we needed to think of a digital experience that would allow for the public to stay in touch with the art of the museum while it’s closed. We needed to think of a complete concept and work it out digitally as best as we could in 3 weeks.


With the team we came up with the idea that an evil villain destroyed all the art of the museum and kids needed to get it back by using a time maschine to go back to the time the art piece was created. The time maschines are spread all over Rotterdam and each time machine would take you back to an different art era. In the time machine you would have to play interactive, educative games to retrieve art pieces. To give a continuous experience players can also download an app that keeps their stats, saved art pieces and even had his own minigame.


What I did

Ofcourse when working with a team, each person gets their own tasks. For me, my first task was to create an animated video that explained the story to the kids. All illustrations and animation in this video were done by me.


After that, my job was to design and develop an website that gave some information on the concept and app the website didn’t need to be anything fancy, since it wasn’t a big part of the concept and we didn’t have that much time left

Live version

And as last task

I had to create a case movie explaining the concept.